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  Over 60 years experience 

Mick and Michaela                      Stretch Skilled Hunter                   Large 4.93m Crocodile Specialist Partners

The Top End is an amazing place with large billabong's surrounded by an abundance of wildlife where Buffalo and large Wild Boar’s roam across the flood plains. An area classed as one of the most concentrated areas in the world for Saltwater Crocodiles (Crocodylus Porous) an extremely dangerous environment. 

Record size crocodiles are lurking in these areas which it makes harvesting them an experience of a lifetime you won't forget!  As producers of quality crocodile products which include a "Natural Leather that is "Naturally Tanned” ~ we can provide you with a unique to product. We utilize all crocodiles taken offering all types of Taxidermy Mounts, Leather Products, Large Skins all done in-house.

We export to most countries; all crocodiles must have CITES Permits which is the (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) along Import Permits into the receiving country. We comply to a strict permit system here in the Northern Territory and abide by Animal Welfare Act and the Code of Practice.


"A charming Australian, called Mick Pitman, a professional Crocodile Hunter from Darwin. Crocodile Dundee was made to crib Mick Pitman, and what a character he is."

Rob Caskie

Rob Caskie has become internationally known for his telling of this battle.

South Africa


Crystal Crusies 2014 World Tour

An Invited Guest Speaker

"Crocodile Mick" Pitman, a real-life Crocodile Dundee, who will share decades of experience hunting and capturing crocodiles.


Larry Bleiberg, Special for USA TODAY

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